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2022 Early Stage Startup Capital Report

Report includes responses from 250+ investors and founders
Learn more about the difficulty of raising funding - and investing in startups!

White Paper: Unlocking Access to Startup Capital

Learn how innovation in digital securities and startup funding can unlock access to entrepreneur capital.
Created by Chisos in partnership with Securitize

White Paper: The Ultimate Guide to CISAs

Learn how Convertible Income Share Agreements, or CISAs, help entrepreneurs access flexible funding.
Discover the $4T startup financing blindspot just waiting to be activated.

Open Sourced CISA Term Sheet

View our open-sourced term sheet.
Learn more about how our approach could work for you.

Advice on How to Raise Funding from Will Stringer, CEO of Chisos - Funding Stack Summit

Watch the interview between Chisos CEO Will Stringer & Funding Stack Summit.
Gain insights on how to raise funding, entrepreneur capital, and a radical approach to bootstrapping.

[Webinar 1/3] Income Share Agreements: An Alternative Income Asset

Take a deep dive into Income Share Agreements and their value to both investors and capital recipients.
Learn what an Income Share Agreement (ISA) is, the current ISA landscape, ISA structure basics, the payback mechanism, an example contract, and a few sample variations.

Founder Case Study: Tinia Pina & Re-Nuble

Hear from Chisos PortCo founder Tinia Pina about her experiences founding Re-Nuble.
Plus, learn why she says Chisos arrived at exactly the right time.

5 Early Stage Funding Options: Pros & Cons for Entrepreneurs

It's hard to grow a business without access to capital. Fortunately, early-stage funding options are available.
Get this free comparison chart to help you make sense of your options.

[Webinar 3/3] Convertible Income Share Agreements for Investors: Cash Flow in a Yield-Starved World

We break down our investment thesis, the Convertible Income Share Agreement, and why this investment instrument is good for both entrepreneurs and investors.
Take a deep dive into the Convertible Income Share Agreement asset class and the expected return profile for investors.

[Webinar 2/3] CISA: Capital for Entrepreneurs

Learn about the Convertible Income Share Agreement, a new approach to early stage funding for entrepreneurs.
See how the CISA provides flexible funding to founders like you, as early as Day 1.

An Alternative Capital Raise: The Convertible Income Share Agreement - Startup Starter

Learn the benefits of a Convertible Income Share Agreement for idea- and early-stage entrepreneurs.
See how Chisos write checks of $15,000-$50,000 to invest in idea-stage startups and side-hustle businesses. ‍

About the Convertible Income Share Agreement

When you're looking for funding, Chisos’s unique investment approach - called a Chisos CISA - is built to provide flexibility, control, and transparency to idea- and early-stage entrepreneurs and side hustlers.
Watch this short video to learn how the CISA works.