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Alternative Capital Raise (Startup Starter x Chisos)
Beginner's Guide to Income Share Agreements
For Entrepreneurs: Convertible Income Share Agreements
For Investors: Convertible Income Share Agreements

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White Paper: The Ultimate Guide to CISAs

Download this free white paper to learn how Convertible Income Share Agreements, or CISAs, help entrepreneurs access flexible funding.

5 Early Stage Funding Options: Pros & Cons for Entrepreneurs

The reality is that you can't grow a business without access to capital. Fortunately, there are a lot of early-stage funding options available. This comparison chart is designed to help first-time founders and early-stage entrepreneurs like you make sense of your options.

Meet Will Stringer, CEO of Chisos - Funding Stack Summit

Will spoke with Funding Stack Summit about how to raise funding, entrepreneur capital, and a radical approach to bootstrapping.

About Chisos Capital, an Early Stage Alternative Capital Provider for Startup Businesses

Chisos’s unique investment approach - called a Chisos CISA - is built to provide flexibility, control, and transparency to idea- and early-stage entrepreneurs and side hustlers. We write checks of $15-50K to invest in your business. This is #howfoundersgetfunded​.