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What's an Income Share Agreement & Why Should Entrepreneurs Care?

What We Look for When We Invest in Early-Stage Startups

Income Share Agreements, or ISAs, provide financing in exchange for a percentage of future earnings. They’re also a new, flexible form of entrepreneur capital.

If you’re starting a company or thinking about starting a company, Chisos wants to get you started. We write checks from $15,000 - $50,000 to idea-stage and side-hustle founders using a Convertible Income Share Agreement. Interested in learning more if we're a fit for you?

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Why the Startup World Needs New Funding Options

9 Benefits of Income Share Agreements for Founders

Today, idea- and early-stage founders who need capital to grow have one primary option: asking friends and family for money. Typically, these “friends and family” investments come in because there’s trust built between you (the founder) and the capital provider. If you're not  wealthy - or connected to people who are - it's very difficult to access startup capital in the earliest stage of building a company. And that's just one reason why the startup world needs new funding options.

You've probably heard about Income Share Agreements, or ISAs, in the education space as an alternative to student loans. But what about ISAs for entrepreneurs? There are plenty of benefits of income share agreements.

In this article, you'll learn the 9 most important pros of ISAs for founders, and 4 cons, too.

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Beginner's Guide to Income Share Agreements
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For Investors: Convertible Income Share Agreements

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White Paper: The Ultimate Guide to CISAs

Download this free white paper to learn how Convertible Income Share Agreements, or CISAs, help entrepreneurs access flexible funding.

5 Early Stage Funding Options: Pros & Cons for Entrepreneurs

The reality is that you can't grow a business without access to capital. Fortunately, there are a lot of early-stage funding options available. This comparison chart is designed to help first-time founders and early-stage entrepreneurs like you make sense of your options.

Meet Will Stringer, CEO of Chisos - Funding Stack Summit

Will spoke with Funding Stack Summit about how to raise funding, entrepreneur capital, and a radical approach to bootstrapping.

About Chisos Capital, an Early Stage Alternative Capital Provider for Startup Businesses

Chisos’s unique investment approach - called a Chisos CISA - is built to provide flexibility, control, and transparency to idea- and early-stage entrepreneurs and side hustlers. We write checks of $15-50K to invest in your business. This is #howfoundersgetfunded​.