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Tinia Pina

Re-Nuble, Inc.

Re-Nuble is an agriculture technology company using its organic cycling science approach to decarbonize the global fertilizer supply chain. Re-Nuble’s water-soluble, organic hydroponic nutrient products enable 66 – 82% more profitability than the dominant conventional, synthetic fertilizers, at equal or lower cost.

Armen Rostamian

Gruv Inc.

Gruv is a decentralized content discovery & social commerce platform initially focused on the music industry.

David Onyeador

FunWallet, Inc.

FunWallet is a marketplace where verified event promoters and hosts can be found by guests or travelers looking to find & attend the most fun/interesting events in a city.

Stephen Alred

KnowCap Interactive

Knowcap is an alternative to venture capital for undiscovered & overlooked founders. They help people with ideas turn them into fast-growing companies.