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Tommy Flain, Fox & Robbin - Chisos Portfolio Founder
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Our portfolio has real impact.

Chisos Capital drives social impact because we are equalizing opportunity for all. This includes female founders and founders of color who are typically underserved by startup capital options. But that's just one way our portfolio makes an impact; more than half of our founders are building impact businesses.
  • More than 70% underrepresented founders
  • 26+ high-potential entrepreneurs
  • More than 40% are impact businesses
  • More than 80% outside the Bay Area
  • More than 1,000 applicants
  • More than 50% have raised additional funding
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Talent is everywhere. Opportunity is not.


Our Portfolio

Ken Brokaw
Faastrak helps eCommerce merchants offer multiple financing options at checkout using a singular credit application experience.
Mike Lee
Committees manages all aspects of the dissertation process, including chair/student matching, scheduling and more. Committees also addresses the submission review and feedback cycles, including version management, action items, progress dashboards, and submission reporting.
Adam Yorke

Vestr is a social investing platform that connects retail investors to top traders and experts.

Dr. Samia Kazi

Global Childhood Academy
Global Childhood Academy is an all-in-one global platform that empowers organizations and adults who serve children. The first multilingual global hub specializing in systematically credentialing and upskilling adults who care for, protect and educate children- including educators, social workers, health professionals, parents, law enforcement officers, lawyers, judges, media, and advocates.

Ramone Farrier

Thr1ft is a digital marketplace that aggregates secondhand and sustainable fashion from sellers into one app. Thr1ft  seamlessly pulls all product data from a seller's web store onto the app, without holding any of their inventory.

Haley Shinn

Thr1ft is a digital marketplace that aggregates secondhand and sustainable fashion from sellers into one app. Thr1ft seamlessly pulls all product data from a seller's web store onto the app, without holding any of their inventory.

Whitney Lounsbury

Just Made Treats
Just Made Treats is a clean ingredient food brand on a mission to create a world where families can reduce sugar and still eat cake. With desserts so tasty kids and picky eaters won't even know they're eating healthy. Shipping nationwide, on doordash, Uber Eats, GrubHub and sold in select California retailers.

Scott Wilson

Joticle is a lifelong learning platform for experts, educators, students, creators, and hobbyists. A centralized platform that makes learning, research, and discovery available to everyone at any age, Joticle's proprietary approach is also adaptable to curriculum and corporate training data workflows.

Austin Yoshino, Phenom - Chisos Portfolio Founder
Austin Yoshino
Phenom connects dreamers to the pros. The team is building a marketplace that matches youth and professional athletes for remote coaching lessons. They are first launching in baseball due to the team's passion and network.

Patrick Nevels, RightFit Counseling - Chisos
Patrick Nevels
RightFit Counseling
Seeking mental health counseling can be a challenging and exhausting process. It’s even harder to find the right fit. Outdated directories are the most common way to go about this, until now. RightFit Counseling is a marketplace that matches you with a curated list of therapists, then connects and schedules you with them. Because finding the right therapist should be easy.

Malcolm Smith
Victory Lab MicroClean
Victory Lab MicroClean is an infection protection as a service company that uses robotic non-toxic sanitization technology and analytics to enable enterprise businesses to provide healthy facilities and deliver proof of hygiene to occupant/visitors.

Marieme Sane
Marieme and her team are building a first-of-its-kind human centered healthcare platform.
Richard Ferreira
Two Spoons Creamery
Keto ice cream handcrafted from local dairy, churned to perfection. Two Spoons offers packs of pints full of delicious mix-ins like fudgy brownies, salted caramel and marshmallows, delivered straight to your door. Less sugar, zero compromise.

Gabe Zichermann
Two Spoons Creamery
Keto ice cream handcrafted from local dairy, churned to perfection. Two Spoons offers packs of pints full of delicious mix-ins like fudgy brownies, salted caramel and marshmallows, delivered straight to your door. Less sugar, zero compromise.

Andrae Washington
BingeBuilder is a solution that enables Creators to develop IP, validate demand, and monetize creative works. BingeBuilder operates an IP accelerator where early-stage Creators use their content as collateral to access capital from investors seeking equity in tokenized-asset-based securities.

Joshua Ermias
Door Robotics
Door Robotics created an autonomous indoor/outdoor drone that captures 360 degree content with virtual tour capabilities, analytics, and autonomous navigation - all without the need for setup or third party software.

Gabriel Cepeda
Pickups is a pioneer in last mile logistics, sustainably enabling retail brands to better execute fulfillment, delivery, and returns. The Pickups digital platform operates a community of urban residents with extra space to help brands optimally warehouse their inventory and ship it efficiently to customers in under 24 hours.

Noah Wittman
30% of SaaS budgets are being wasted every year. Priviom empowers organizations to make better decisions by providing visibility & insights into their SaaS investments, reducing the waste of unused licenses and the number of new tools purchased unnecessarily.

John Davis
Rocco Finance
Rocco helps you get early access to your earned wages. We advance up to $100 of your anticipated paycheck to help you cover expenses when you are in a pinch.

Jackie Peters
Sovereign Systems
Unlock value from data while preserving privacy, security, and data sovereignty.
Christian Desrosiers

Anthony Vaughn
Beyond Brand Studios
Beyond Brand helps organizations hire
the best talent by providing honest and
operational realities to applicants early
in the hiring process.

Kevin Celisca
Integrate School
Integrate is a consolidated management tool for k-12 schools that combines all of the most needed components into one easy to use platform.
Ferrona Lie
Near offers personalized tech support and coaching for retirees so they can stay independent and connect with their loved ones on things that matter.
Carly Rector
C02ign Art
CO2ign Art is a digital art marketplace that fights climate change. With CO2ign Art, you collect and share digital art, support artists, and actively reduce carbon emissions, by purchasing a new kind of unique “signed copy” which funds carbon credits - no blockchain or NFTs needed.
Amanda Levay

Some companies believe that drawing a ‘white box’ over their text or sensitive data is permanently hiding their content but it's not. Redactable's patent pending platform permanently redacts files right from your browser, no plugins or downloads required.

Timothy Dolger

TruFishing gamifies recreational fishing. Users compare and compete by submitting awesome catch videos to a variety of challenges for prizes.

Kyiana Williams

Entertwine is a community for creatives in the Film, TV, and Theatre industries that fosters creativity and production creation using AI recommendation systems. Entertwine is the creator of e.e.r.s. - the AI recommendation system that makes matching anything simple and plugs into any website, spreadsheet, or Slack.

Ritu Malhotra, diagloggbox - Chisos Portfolio Founder
Ritu Malhotra

dialoggBox app creates an interactive AI transcript so that users can follow up instantly, automatically harvest insights, and preserve important knowledge discussed in conversation.

Jennifer Kiesewetter

CrossWalk Health
Crosswalk Health focuses on thoroughly auditing self-funded health plans, saving mid to large companies’ money while helping employers offer better healthcare options to employees – and all while confirming ERISA compliance.

Tommy Flain, Fox & Robbin - Chisos Portfolio Founder
Thomas Flaim

Fox & Robin
Fox & Robin is an activewear brand for washed up athletes. We are also the first and only activewear brand to disclose our factory workers' wages. Fox & Robin is a Certified B-Corp (benefit corporation). This means they legally exist to optimize for a triple bottom line: financial, social, and environmental.

Michelle Heng

Everlaunch is a gamified business-building roadmap for first time founders to get from idea to launch. Expert-curated content and science-backed microlearning strategies motivate users to progress through levels that unlock actionable content and projects, getting them one step closer to the objective: launching their business.

Wynn Austin

Wynn's Kitchen
Wynn's Kitchen began with a mission to share authentic Asian Flavors made from all natural ingredients. Her best-selling Keto friendly, Sugar Free Saté Asian Chili sauce is available on line and in select California retail partners.

Dr. Cheryl Ingram

Inclusology is a powerful SaaS platform designed to help companies reduce bias in the workplace and increase employee retention. Their solution provides DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) analytics, learning and development opportunities, and certifications.

Chrissybil Boulin

Jump Start
Jump Start Tutoring is an award-winning educational company that makes learning easy- in home and online. Their new EdTech SaaS platform provides students with AI/ML adaptive learning courses- highlighting test prep, career exploration and emotional wellness.

Jodi Frank

Culineer is building a more sustainable world by making it easy for consumers to eat locally-produced foods. The app benefits farmers and homecooks by reducing waste and getting the most out of every harvest, connecting people to their local farmers, and sharing recipes.

Obi Onyejekwe

Unomi is AI driven SaaS for animators and video game developers. Unomi leverages advanced, patent-pending voice recognition and motion capture technology that automates the most time-consuming aspects of animation production.

Stephen Alred

KnowCap Interactive
KnowCap is an alternative to venture capital for undiscovered & overlooked founders. They help people with ideas turn them into fast-growing companies.

Tinia Pina, Re-Nuble  - Chisos Portfolio Founder
Tinia Pina

Re-Nuble is an agriculture technology company using its organic cycling science approach to decarbonize the global fertilizer supply chain. Re-Nuble’s water-soluble, organic hydroponic nutrient products enable 66 – 82% more profitability than the dominant conventional, synthetic fertilizers, at equal or lower cost.

David Onyeador, FunWallet -  - Chisos Portfolio Founder
David Onyeador

Funwallet is the last mile of dating.
Take your matches on real dates hosted by enthusiasts in your area. Your city’s most unique and fun experiences, all in one place.

Armen Rostamian

Gruv is a decentralized content discovery & social commerce platform initially focused on the music industry.

Greg Vizen, Vizen Analytics  - Chisos Portfolio Founder
Greg Foster

Vizen Analytics
Vizen Analytics provides a powerful cloud AI subscription service that significantly improves product demand forecast accuracy for food & beverage wholesalers and retailers.