Frequently asked questions

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What is a CISA?

The CISA, or Convertible Income Share Agreement, is a new venture investing approach designed by Chisos. With a CISA, you get access to capital you need, with all the flexibility you need to grow your business.

Learn how the CISA works by checking out open sourced term sheet on GitHub.

Are you currently fundraising?

Yes, our Fund II is currently open to accredited investors. Learn more about past fund performance and the opportunity via our self-service investor portal on Securitize.

Can anyone apply for an investment?

Our online application process means anyone can apply for an investment from Chisos, no warm intro required. We're currently investing in scalable, capital-efficient businesses in the United States as early as Day 1. Start the online application here.

Why is the CISA valuable?

Only 1% of companies will be able to raise venture capital, and only 16% will be able to access a bank loan. Experts estimate that a lack of entrepreneur capital options leads to a $4T blindspot (or more). At the same time, demand for early stage startup capital exceeds $3B annually.

For the vast majority of companies, funding options are extremely limited - especially in the early stages. That means that some aspiring founders walk away from pursuing their ideas, and many others turn to personal savings, high-interest credit cards, or money from wealthy connections to launch their business.

The data shows that current funding models simply aren't a great fit for most entrepreneurs. At Chisos, we invented a new approach to address this root cause: the Convertible Income Share Agreement. Learn more about the CISA.

Who should I contact about partnerships?

We partner with 50+ technology providers, accelerators, incubators, service providers, and more. Learn more about partnerships here. If you're interested in exploring further, email us at