When to Raise Startup Capital from Chisos: 4 Key Moments

As an entrepreneur, you know that different stages of growth call for different kinds of startup capital. And like all startup capital providers, there are key moments when an investment from Chisos makes sense - and when it doesn’t. 

In this blog, you’ll learn about four key moments in your startup journey where an investment from Chisos can be the most impactful to your business.

We’re on a mission to democratize opportunity. For us, that means we’re focused on investing with impact, at the earliest stages.

More specifically, Chisos invests $15,000-50,000 in entrepreneurs and their companies as early as day one. We back capital efficient, scalable, US-based businesses in various industries at early stages. Unlike other types of startup capital, a CISA is uniquely flexible and founder-friendly. Learn more about why we're uniquely founder-friendly startup capital, and explore the open-source term sheet.

Now, let’s jump in to explore when a Chisos investment makes the most sense for founders. Request the Founder Info Package to learn more about how the CISA can fuel your business growth.

1. Spark Capital or First-Check Capital

At the very earliest stages, it can be incredibly difficult to build momentum. Chisos can help provide you early access to capital, sometimes referred to as “spark capital” or “first check capital,” to get you going.

This fits into the “idea stage” of your business, and may be part of or even prior to a “Friends & Family” round.

2. Quick Capital Injection

Sometimes, you need quick access to capital to reach a specific goal or fuel operations. You’re not at a point where it makes sense to raise a larger financing round, but you do need an infusion of capital. In that moment, Chisos can invest and provide speedy access to capital.

We typically make our investment decisions in just a few weeks. After the decision, cash is typically available within days.

3. Bridge Financing Between Rounds

Right now is an incredibly difficult time to fundraise. If you’re seeking to extend the time between fundraises, Chisos can provide meaningful bridge financing. 

Keep in mind that Chisos provides more than just capital - we also provide access to a community of founders, mentors, and advisors. That community can provide much needed support and guidance between fundraises, too.

4. Catalyzing Additional Investments

Similarly, Chisos can help catalyze investment in your fundraising round. Investors are always looking for signals that may indicate that an investment is a good opportunity. One positive signal is the presence of other investors. 

An investment from Chisos can show other potential investors that you can successfully attract, pitch, and bring in capital.

When isn’t Chisos a good fit?

Chisos is usually not a perfect fit for later-stage rounds, largely due to the fact that we don’t invest more than $50K. Chisos is also not a great fit for capital-intensive businesses.

How to Get an Investment from Chisos

If you’re interested in applying for an investment from Chisos, here’s how it works:

  • Learn more about how we invest, and what we look for.
  • Complete the Phase I application online. It usually takes about 20 minutes.
  • After a quick review of your application, you may be invited to Phase II by email.
  • In Phase II, you’ll be able to create an account and complete the application online. This takes about 30 minutes.
  • Our team manually reviews your application.
  • If accepted, you’ll be invited to Phase III: a phone conversation to learn more about you and answer any questions.
  • Decision time! You’ll hear back via email. This usually takes a few days, but not more than a few weeks. At this stage, you’d also receive your term sheet.
  • Review and sign your agreement.
  • Get capital! After signing the agreement, founders typically receive capital in just a few days.

Ready to apply? Get started here.