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Democratizing access to startup capital.

Our Convertible Income Share Agreement de-risks early stage investments, enabling us to fund startups and brands that may be too early for other investors.

Why the chisos cisa?

Like the "Friends & Family" round.

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Protect equity ownership
The CISA provides capital and support, without forcing entrepreneurs to give up substantial equity. Plus, with each payment, founders claw back equity. Even better? The CISA doesn't get in the way of any future fundraising.
No compounding interest
Unlike a bank loan or other debt-based financing, the CISA doesn't have interest. And, flexible terms allow founders to prioritize growth, instead of worrying about your next installment payment.
Transparent terms & quick process
We're proud of our transparent terms and conditions. With our straightforward and tech-supported process, founders can spend less time on pitching and paperwork, and more time getting to business. When you win, we all win.
how the CISA works

A hybrid approach that adjusts to your growth path.

Not revenue-based,
not a bank loan

Our hybrid approach provides flexible funding that dynamically adjusts to the growth path, without taking cash from the startup.
$40K investment

Salary floor & added flexibility

The CISA includes a salary floor, so founders only make payments when they can afford it. No salary right now? No worries - payments paused.

Protect equity ownership

Chisos starts with a very small percentage of equity, most of which founders then claw back over time.
Truly founder-friendly

A better option, for more founders.

83% of entrepreneurs are failed by existing funding options. With our unique approach to investing, Chisos steps into this gap.

The CISA provides access to capital, without founders needing to sacrifice excessive ownership or ask friends for money. And with our online application, you don't need a warm intro to be considered.

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Democratizing opportunity

Investments that make an impact.

Our portfolio includes more than 70% underrepresented founders, and more than 50% impact businesses. Many are working toward UN Sustainable Development Goals. One is a B-Corp. And Chisos is Diversity in VC certified, reflecting our commitment to DE&I.

flexible financing

Our Investment Process



Tell us more about you and your company or idea via our easy online application. It's available to anyone - no warm intros required.


After your initial application is accepted, we’ll book a meeting call to talk about your opportunity, and answer any questions you may have.


Get an answer in weeks, not months. Our investment team evaluates a full range of factors to decide. Our algorithmic Chisos Score supplements the team's decision.

Investment Decision

The investment committee meets regularly and deploys capital quickly. That means founders don’t linger in limbo.

Repay, your way

With a CISA, founders repay Chisos with a percentage of salary, but only when the salary is above $40k. No salary right now? No worries - payments  deferred.
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