Investing in Human Ventures

A new way to fund your big ideas today - and beyond.

We provide capital to entrepreneurs, athletes, creators and influencers building the economy of tomorrow.

Investing in individuals

We invest up to $100K into visionaries with the potential to bring ideas to life:


We're proud to back athletes at the collegiate, semi-pro, and pro level. Our backing typically helps fund training and brand building.

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We back entrepreneurs, including startup founders, eCommerce CPG companies, local brands, and even service providers.

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Creators & Influencers

We provide funding to aspiring and active content creators across all platforms and types of content. We can invest as early as day one.

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Investing in human ventures

How we drive innovation.

Only 1% of startups access traditional venture capital. And that's only a tiny sliver of the economy that struggles to access funding. What about athletes, creators, solopreneurs, or other leaders of tomorrow? There are very few places they can turn to for capital to fuel their dreams.

We're changing that narrative. Chisos creates new structured finance tools to invest in individuals and their careers. Our approach unlocks access to capital at early stages, and achieves lasting social and economic impact.

Because funding shouldn't be limited to a tiny fraction of visionaries. Apply for funding today.
  • 60+ portfolio members across 35+ U.S. cities
  • More than 2,000 applicants
  • More than 80% outside the Bay Area
  • Over 60% underrepresented leaders
Level Up

Get funding that helps you:

Build brand awareness.

Begin raising awareness of your brand and/or company.

Invest in upskilling.

Hire a coach, attend new trainings, and acquire skills to grow.

Make improvements.

Purchase tools or technology you need to launch and grow.

Launch your business.

Create your prototype or MVP, demo tape, highlight reel, or pilot.

Hire support.

Build out your team of support assets and unlock scalability.

Catalyze investment.

Demonstrate viability to other potential investors and backers.

Simple, by design

How does Chisos work?

We review your application.

We'll review the information you provide using both human evaluation and our software.

If approved, you get funding.

Accepted applicants will receive cash, wired directly to their bank account.

Grow with a peer community.

Funding recipients will be connected to our member community and exclusive perks.

The future of funding

How Chisos is different

Scales with you

Adapted for you.

Chisos invests in you, the individual, and your venture holistically. Use the funds to start, scale or bridge. We share in your success.

Built for speed

Faster diligence process.

Most investors take months to evaluate and invest in deals. We're built to review opportunities and make decisions in weeks.

Opportunity capital

Inclusive approach.

We invest in individuals building enterprises across a range of sectors, from all walks of life. Meet our diverse portfolio.

Entrepreneur Story

Support beyond capital.

I came to Chisos Capital because I needed funding to help get more traction with customers and prospects before my first institutional round.

I have been impressed with the value they have added beyond just financing; including advice and support on market strategy and the customer journey. It's what every solo founder needs; not to work in isolation.
Founder, Equipcast
Entrepreneur Story

Early funding

"Studies consistently show that female entrepreneurs face huge challenges in securing startup capital. I am so lucky to have found Chisos Capital to provide early funding for my CPG business. This team is more than just a capital partner, having offered intros and ideas to propel me and my company forward in this crazy entrepreneurial journey!"
Founder, Companion Candles

Capital for athletes

"As I pursue my MLB career ambitions (drafted and playing in the minor leagues) I know the importance of off-season training and getting access to top-tier training facilities.  I considered using my credit card(s) or a typical loan to pay for training/traveling when my agent suggested I contact Chisos Capital. We discussed the financing and landed on a flexible solution that is a better fit for me. Now, I can pursue my career the way I intend to."
Professional Baseball Player
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