Invest in individuals, as the business.

Today’s connected and digital economy has evolved to provide tremendous opportunity for talented individuals to build a thriving business for themselves as founders, athletes, creators, artists and musicians. Will you be there to meet the moment?
The Opportunity

Equity upside.
Downside protection.
Social impact.
Cash yield.

Chisos invented a new approach to Day 1 investing (the CISA). Then, we built a tech-enabled method to source, evaluate, and execute investments. Together, these innovations allow us to back high-potential entrepreneurs at scale.

Our unique funding model de-risks early stage investments, enabling us to fund startups that may be too early for other investors. And with demand for stage capital soaring, we're primed to meet the moment.
  • 100+ investor and accelerator partners
  • Reliable cash yield
  • Returns to get excited about
chisos capital

We invest in high-potential individuals.

With our CISA approach, we invest in individuals at key moments in their careers while mitigating risk. Learn more about how we invest in:

Founders & Entrepreneurs

We invest in founders and entrepreneurs across a range of industries. Learn More.
Invest in Founders


We're investing in athletes to help them reach the next level. Fund launching 2023. Learn More.
Invest in Athletes

Artists & Creators

Starting in 2023, we will be investing in artists, creators, and creatives. Be the first to know about updates. Sign Up.
Invest in Creators
Key Considerations

An equitable, de-risked approach
to early stage investing.

The CISA is proving itself, and then some.

Mitigated risk. More frequent cash flow.  Finally, startup investing you can trust.

Capturing a $4T untapped market  

Traditional venture capital makes high-risk bets with poor odds. They're missing out on the huge space between 1-100x. We're seizing the opportunity.

Mathematically structured for the future of the industry.

Human investing. Technical validation. Automated execution. This is startup investing engineered for global growth.

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