investing with purpose

We're on a mission to democratize opportunity.

Chisos Capital invented new funding method that's a better fit for more founders and investors. Today, we're achieving first-of-its-kind social impact.

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Graphic promoting the Convertible Income Share Agreement open-sourced term sheet.

A better approach to startup investing

83% of entrepreneurs are failed by existing funding options. With our unique approach to investing, the Convertible Income Share Agreement, Chisos steps into this gap.

A new Type of startup capital

Investing differently for a reason.

We're building better startup capital options for today's entrepreneurs. And it's working.
Democratizing Opportunity
Our approach enables us to invest in more founders, at even earlier stages. For many, we're like the "Friends & Family" round, without the friends and family.
Increased Investing Capacity
The average VC invests in a few startups per year. We've invested in dozens of founders. Chisos blends human expertise with proprietary tech, so we can scale quickly.
Greater Social Impact
Traditional venture has an equality problem. Our portfolio is different; over 80% are outside of the Bay Area, and more than 70% of founders are underrepresented.
Faster Diligence Process
Investors typically take months to invest. We're built to review opportunities and make decisions in weeks.
Beyond Just Capital
Automated fundraising outreach, pitch help, peer-based community and mentorship. We're as hands-on as founders want us to be.
Enhanced Scalability
Human investing. Technical validation. Automated execution. This is venture investing, built for scale. Learn more and invest with us.

Meet our nationwide portfolio.


Clarity. Resilience. Trust.


Our Team

Photo of Will Stringer
William Stringer
General Partner & Co-Founder
Photo of Emmanuel de Boucaud
Emmanuel De Boucaud
General Partner
Photo of Ken Aseme
Ken Aseme
Chief Financial Officer
Photo of Stephen Grinalds
Stephen Grinalds
Co-Founder & Technical Advisor
Photo of Kinsey Wolf
Kinsey Wolf
Chief Marketing Officer
Photo of Trinidy Johnson
Trinidy Johnson
Human Resources Associate
Photo of Hannah Rich
Hannah Rich
Investment Associate
Photo of Augustin Cloutier
Augustin Cloutier
Software Engineer
Photo of Simone Garreau
Simone Garreau
Advisor, Risk Mitigation
M.A., Global Security and Intelligence - Johns Hopkins University | Robinhood, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Photo of Samira Salman
Samira Salman JD, LL.M.
Advisor, Investments & Legal
B.S., J.D. -  Louisiana State University & LL.M., Taxation -  University of Houston | Heathside Ventures, Salman Solutions

Photo of Robert Hatcher
Robert Hatcher
Advisor, Investments & Legal
B.B.A. - Southern Methodist University & M.B.A.,  J.D. - Tulane University | Avalon Advisors
Photo of Thomas Cowee
Thomas Cowee
Advisor, Finance & Accounting
B.S., Accounting - The Ohio State University | Progressive Waste Solutions

Photo of Joe Vander Zander
Joe Vander Zanden
Advisor, Business Development
Santa Clara University | Samsung, Consensys, Cisco, Paypal

Photo of Eric Bunting
Eric Bunting
Advisor, FinTech
B.A., Dartmouth College, M.B.A., Stanford University Graduate School of Business | Overbrook Capital

Photo of Claire Veuthey
Claire Veuthey
Advisor, Ecosystem & Partnerships
M.B.A. -  University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business | Wells Fargo, OpenInvest,

Photo of Brent Granado
Brent Granado
Advisor, Finance
M.B.A. - University of Southern California | Sweetwater Private Equity

Crowdfunding investors

Thanks to our WeFunder Investors

In 2021, Chisos Capital closed over half a million in a crowdfunded raise. We'd like to take a moment to thank those investors who supported our campaign and are fueling our next phase of growth.
Alan H.
Alex S.
Alexander Clarence McIntosh
Ananya Rachabattuni
Arpan Soparkar
Bayode Okusanya
Ben Elberger
Bradley G. Kessler
Brendan Cosgrove
Bruce Rash
Calvin Ram
Chukwuoma Ngoka (Chuck)
David Botsford
David Emrick
David Martinelli
Davide Ivaldi
Dennis G Morgan Sr
Dennis Wong
Dr Melvin Sanicas
Fares Ksebati
Frank Stoczko
Franklin Lowe
Gary R. Miller
Greg Foster
Ilyse Stempler
Isaac J. Choice
Jaime T. Olmsted
James Orr
Jared P. Auman
Jeffrey Coleman
Joe Vander Zanden
John Jay Tanlimco
Joseph Stieha
Juan C. Arias
Ken Nguyen
Kim M Peterson
Larry Wood
Leonard Wong
Mashour Yousef
Meenu S.
Moses Gonzales
Mubarak Mustafa
Nathan Boone
Patrick McCarthy
Patrick Spaulding Ryan, PhD
Peter F. Cikalo
Rob P.
Robin M. Ruiz
Roy Compton
Shawn Hill
Stanley Nwogwugwu
Steven Dunston
Tammy Jones
Tiehu Clarke
Tony Catalina
Víctor Pérez-Cotapos
William Kohl
William Martin