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Why Chisos?

A new type of startup capital, built for founders, by founders.

Our founding team knows how difficult it is for entrepreneurs to access capital to start and grow a business. But instead of accepting this reality, they decided to challenge it.

Chisos developed a new hybrid approach, the Convertible Income Share Agreement (CISA), to help more entrepreneurs access capital. It's accessible, flexible, and doesn't negatively impact your ability to raise additional funding down the road.

Today, we're writing checks of up to $100,000 to high-potential entrepreneurs like you.

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Our Unique funding modeL: THe cisa

A hybrid approach that adjusts to the growth path.

Not revenue-based,
not a loan

Our hybrid approach provides flexible funding that dynamically adjusts to the growth path, without taking cash from the startup.
$40K investment

Salary floor & added flexibility

The CISA includes a salary floor, so founders only make payments when they can afford it. No salary right now? No worries - payments paused.

Protect equity ownership

Chisos starts with a very small percentage of equity, most of which founders then claw back over time.
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fit for you

Chisos is uniquely fit for various stages of early growth.

Here are just some of the ways our portfolio founders have used capital from Chisos to grow:

Spark capital, first-check at the idea-stage
Quick capital injection to propel operations
Bridge financing to reach a milestone before your next round
Catalyzing investor interest in larger rounds
Democratizing opportunity

Investments that make an impact.

By inventing a smarter financing method, Chisos is achieving first-of-its-kind social impact. Our portfolio includes more than 70% underrepresented founders, and more than 40% impact businesses. Many are working toward UN Sustainable Development Goals. One is a B-Corp. And Chisos is Diversity in VC certified, reflecting our commitment to DE&I.

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The Chisos portfolio includes more than 40% impact companies
open source

See the CISA term sheet for yourself.

Interested in the details of how the Convertible Income Share Agreement works? Check out our open-sourced term sheet.

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Person holding a phone showing the CISA open source term sheet on GitHub.
A deeper dive

Pros and cons of early stage funding options

Learn more about early stage funding, and start your application.

Investments backed by an individual's income.

Our CISA blends an ISA and a SAFE. The ISA is directly with the founder, and yields cash flow regardless of business outcome.

Multiple pathways to success.

Chisos holds an income share with the founder and equity in the business, de-risking the downside and uncapping the upside.

Powering startup innovation at scale.

Our purpose-built platform streamlines the application, investing, and servicing, allowing us to back startups at scale.