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Access capital to fuel your athletic career.

We invest directly in talented individuals aspiring to become professional athletes or build their brand. Start your application today.

Investing in Athletes

Access Opportunity Capital to fuel your future wins.

It’s no secret. Professional athletes earn significant money. But getting there is tough. Athletes need capital to pay for things like:

  • Specialty training and coaching.
  • Access to venues and facilities.
  • Personal brand development and exposure.

Chisos targets a broad range of athletes that are in the window of opportunity to “make it” to the professional ranks, but do not have access to the financial means it takes to maximize their chances of success.

Opportunity Capital

Here for step 1 to 100,000.

Chisos invests in athletes in their "window of opportunity" to go pro.

Training: Leverage capital for coaching.
Access: Invest in access to venues.
Brand: Build your personal brand.
Level Up

Capital that fuels your growth.

Investing in top athletes with strong income potential on and off the field.

Pro: 6-18 months to achieve Pro.
Ready: Qualifying for tour or tournament
Right Time: Prior to draft, during peak year(s).
How it works

How We Invest in Athletes

We look to back athletes that need an extra something before they can be signed. We then use our proprietary underwriting platform to assess the individual's future income potential. The Chisos Investment outcome is based on the athlete's success on or off the field.



Chisos leverages partnerships with leading sports agents, marketing agencies, and scouts to provide deal flow.


Chisos invests in talented athletes through a custom income share agreement instrument with the athlete’s entity.

Athlete Activation

Athlete uses funds to maximize potential for professional career during a "Window of Opportunity."


Athletes pay Chisos a percentage of their monthly income when they have income above the minimum salary floor. The overall obligation is variable depending on In-Sport vs. Other income.

Level Up

With the right capital at the right moments, athletes can achieve the next level in their career.
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