Better together

Take the first step to become a Chisos partner.

Join 50+ investors, accelerators, advisors, and service providers in supporting and  democratizing entrepreneurship.

Why Partner?

With your support their likelihood for success increases.

You work with visionaries, and you believe in supporting their growth. But you can't support them all. We can be a partner if:
  • You see promising founders but they are too early or don’t fit your thesis. Have them apply.
  • You can’t sign all the future stars. Send us those that need capital to make the last few steps to meet your requirements.
  • After we invest we need trusted partners that can provide mentorship, programs, and services to help them level up, scale and monetize.
Become a Partner
Types of partnership

Three types of partnership, so you can find the perfect fit.


Perfect for investment firms and accelerator programs, the Dealflow Partnership is all about sharing priority access to opportunities.


Are you a mentor or advisor? Or a technology or service provider? If so, a Solutions Partnership can help you connect with and serve founders.


Designed for media organizations, influencers, and thought leaders, the Community Partnership is all about adding value to our audiences.
Benefits of Partnering

A partnership to fuel human potential.

Becoming a Chisos Capital partner offers a host of benefits to your company - and your community.
Unlock Options
Sometimes, even the most impressive founders still aren't the right fit for your business. Instead of simply saying "no," share other options.
Increase Visibility
Partnering with other leaders in the space can increase visibility for you and your portfolio founders. Partners get exclusive to marketing opportunities.
Build Your Community
By building your community, you are able to add more value - and build deeper connections - with key members of the ecosystem.
Add More Value
As a member of the Chisos partner network, you extend the value you provide to your customers, portfolio companies, or community members.
Priority Access
As a partner, you'll be the first to know about new events and opportunities in the community.
Grow Together
Gain insights, advice, and feedback as a member of our premier partner network. After all, success is better shared.