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We invest in early stage founders across a range of industries. Join us.

The Opportunity

Demand for startup capital exceeds $3B annually. The startup surge is happening. Will you be there to meet the moment?

Chisos invented a new approach to Day 1 investing (the CISA). Then, we built a tech-enabled method to source, evaluate, and execute investments. Together, these innovations allow us to back high-potential entrepreneurs at scale.

Our unique funding model de-risks early stage investments, enabling us to fund startups that may be too early for other investors. And with demand for stage capital soaring, we're primed to meet the moment.
  • 50+ investor and accelerator partners
  • Reliable cash yield
  • Returns to get excited about

Accredited investors can learn more, explore the opportunity, and invest online using our self-service investor portal on Securitize.

chisos capital

The first resilient venture funding model built to thrive despite early stage risk.

With our CISA approach, we can fund more founders than traditional VC and banks, with minimized risk.

Share in founder success, regardless of business outcome.

The CISA blends an ISA and a SAFE. The ISA is directly with the founder, and yields cash flow regardless of the business outcome.

Rely on multiple pathways to success.

By holding a personal income share with the founder and equity in their business, Chisos de-risks the downside while uncapping the upside.

Powering startup innovation at scale.

Our purpose-built process streamlines sourcing, investing, and servicing, allowing us to capitalize startups at scale.
Democratizing opportunity

Investments that make
an impact.

Our smarter investing method unlocks first-of-its-kind social impact. Chisos is Diversity in VC certified and committed to a more inclusive venture capital community. Chisos founders are building impact, too. Our portfolio includes:

More than 70% underrepresented founders
More than 40% environmental and social impact businesses
More than 21 cities nationwide
seizing opportunity

Capturing the "$4 trillion blindspot in the startup funding landscape."

Low risk. HYBRID returns. big IMPACT.

Invest smarter in the future of Tech, CPG and beyond

Gain exposure to some of the most exciting opportunities with equity upside and cash yield.

Realize results quickly with exciting returns and quarterly cash distribution targets
Peace of mind knowing the downside is protected
Scale by investing in a large and diversified portfolio of ventures per year, not just a few of the same
Build a lasting legacy, driving measurable social and economic impact

Fit for unicorns, and the space before 100x.

Everyone loves a unicorn. The difference is we don't need them in order to succeed.

Capture a lucrative $4T untapped market overlooked by traditional VC
Capitalize brilliant and scalable businesses without requiring grow-at-all-costs models
Facilitate growth, with our fundraising help, mentorship, and business-building resources
capital unbound

Startup investing unlimited by industry or geography

We back capital-efficient, scalable, US-based businesses at all stages.

Our Portfolio
Tech Startups
Web3 & Blockchain, Media, Gaming
Tech-enabled, not tech-exclusive startups
Impact Businesses
Sustainability & Agriculture
Social impact, DEIT
Software & Apps
B2B and B2C applications
AI, Marketplaces, Gaming, Cybersecurity, and more
Consumer Products
Scalable e-commerce
Food, apparel, wellness, and more
Proven solution

Founders are asking for Chisos

In a recent survey, 100% of Chisos founders would recommend Chisos to a fellow founder. Here's why:

Quick capital: investments in weeks, not months
Fair & equitable: doesn't over-dilute owners
Flexible payments: designed to thrive even in downside scenarios
Growth support: mentorship, community, and business-building resources
Key Considerations

An equitable, de-risked approach
to startup investing.

The CISA is proving itself, and then some.

Mitigated risk. More frequent cash flow.  Finally, startup investing you can trust.

Capturing a $4T untapped market  

Traditional venture capital makes high-risk bets with poor odds. They're missing out on the huge space between 1-100x. We're seizing the opportunity.

Mathematically structured for the future of the industry.

Human investing. Technical validation. Automated execution. This is startup investing engineered for global growth.

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