Now Everyone Can Invest in Chisos

Chisos’s mission is to democratize opportunity. What better way to do that than crowdfunding?

Now, we're raising a seed round via equity crowdfunding on WeFunder, and you have early-bird access.

We’re interested in what the world might look like if all high-potential founders had a fighting chance to bring their ideas to market. With our equity crowdfunded raise, we’re betting big that we’re not the only ones who want to bring this world into being. 

Our seed fund campaign is now live on WeFunder, and our inner circle (that’s you!) can invest now with preferred terms. 

This is like any other seed stage raise that a tech company would do. The difference is that, thanks to Reg. CF, anyone (even non-accredited investors) can invest.

While we can’t get into specific investment terms here due to regulations, you can learn more about the investment on WeFunder

If you care about:

  • Building a more equitable early stage investment ecosystem
  • Supporting founders from all walks of life
  • Activating a $4.4T market opportunity
  • Creating an high-performance economy that creates opportunities for all of us

we hope you’ll consider investing in Chisos today. 

With this investment, we’ll continue building the technology and systems to connect entrepreneurs with the capital they need. 

Anyone can participate with as little as $100. We can’t promise returns, but we can promise that the opportunity is there and our ambition is powerful. 

See the investment terms, opportunity, pitch deck, and FAQs over on WeFunder at

Together, we can realize our vision of equitable entrepreneurship. You know what they say about rising tides...

Invest in Chisos today!