Chisos Achieves Diversity in VC Certification

At Chisos, we believe that a more diverse and inclusive entrepreneurial landscape makes for a stronger and more resilient economy. But we’re also realistic: we’re not the experts in this space.

That’s why we partnered with Diversity VC, the leading platform for measuring and tracking diversity and inclusion in business, to evaluate our systems and processes.

The Diversity in VC Standard is a certification developed by Diversio and OneTech to cultivate a more inclusive venture capital community.

This standard is designed to encourage DE&I not only in our sourcing and investing, but also in how we support our community of founders. It also helps ensure that our internal hiring and operations are aligned with our mission.

After an in-depth assessment, the team at Diversity VC awarded Chisos the Level 1 Certification!

We know the work is never done, and every day is an opportunity to get better. With this certification, we’re also publicly stating that we’ll be making the following improvements in the year ahead:

  • Including a statement on DE&I (diversity, equity, and inclusion) in our employee handbook
  • Incorporating proven techniques to reduce bias in our hiring processes
  • Tracking investment applications and approvals by demographics (self-reported by applicant)

These steps will support inclusivity in our team and our portfolio. They’ll also help us track performance, and determine if our systems are disproportionately impacting specific demographic groups.

At Chisos, we’re dedicated to increasing access to funding for all and democratizing opportunity. This Diversity VC certification reflects our public commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Thank you to the Diversity VC team! We’re looking forward to collaborating with you to create a more inclusive venture capital community.