Investing in human ventures.

Chisos invests $15K-$50K in an individual plus their venture. We back innovators looking to make an impact.

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Investing with impact

Startup capital, evolved.

Only 1% of startups access traditional venture capital. Early stage founders struggle to get funding, especially if they don't match the majority pattern. We're changing that narrative.

Chisos Capital created a new financing method to invest in the founder plus their venture - thus, human ventures. This is different from a typical VC, which invests in the company based on traction. Our CISA approach unlocks access to capital at early stages, and achieves lasting social and economic impact.

Because funding shouldn't be limited to a tiny fraction of founders. Invest in Chisos, or apply for funding today.
  • Portfolio founders across 35+ U.S. cities
  • Over 60% underrepresented founders
  • More than 40% impact startups
How We're Different

A revolutionary funding method that unlocks early startup capital at scale.

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The future of founder funding

Funding that's truly founder-friendly

Our unique funding model, the Convertible Income Share Agreement, lets us invest flexible capital at various early stages. It's a great fit for:

Spark capital, or your first check
Quick capital injection to propel operations
Bridge financing before raising a future round
Catalyzing investor interest in larger rounds 
Capital unbound

Investing with purpose nationwide

We back capital efficient, scalable, US-based businesses in various industries at early stages.

Apply for Funding
Tech Startups
Web3 & blockchain, media, gaming, and more
SaaS & tech-enabled services
Consumer Products
DTC & eCommerce
Food, apparel, wellness, and more
Software & Apps
B2B and B2C solutions
AI, marketplaces, cybersecurity, and more
Impact Businesses
Agriculture & sustainability
Social impact & DEI tech
Better capital

Engineered to work for entrepreneurs, and investors.

Explore benefits for founders and investors.

Benefits :
Quick access to capital and community
Protect your equity and grow your way
Benefits :
De-risked investments with quarterly cash yield targets
Uncapped equity upside potential
Become an Investor
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Entrepreneur Story

Funding that's built for me

"Traditional venture looked at KnowCap and determined we don't fit into any of the pattern-matching boxes. Chisos took the time to dig deep into what we are building at KnowCap and helped us clarify our own vision."
Stephen Alred
Founder, KnowCap Interactive
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Investor Story

Cash flow + equity upside

"At Upperhill, we have deep experience in FinTech. I really like the cash flow and yield, plus equity upside that Chisos Capital brings to bear."
Managing Partner, Upperhill Ventures
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Advisor Story

Funding that meets the moment

"There's going to be disruption in the venture funding model...[Chisos] is the team that will be able to spearhead that disruption."
Samira Salman
Founder & CEO, Salman Solutions
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